Clinics and Services


Clinics & Services

The following services are provided. Our receptionists will help you book the appropriate appointment.

Nurse Clinics

Our nurses can see patients for family planning, travel vaccinations, health promotion, minor injuries, dressings, removal of sutures, smoking cessation and cervical smears. They can also follow up patients with hypertension (blood pressure), diabetes, asthma and disease of the airways.

If you book an appointment with a nurse who does not specialize in that procedure or do not allow the appropriate appointment slots (i.e. single, double, triple) for procedures (as outlined below), your appointment may be moved or cancelled. Unfortunately you can not book appointments online for any of the nurses.

If a certain procedure is not listed, please call the practice for further advice.


Procedure Catherine Sagias (PN)  Stephanie Sim (PN)  Sarah Dawson (HCA)
Asthma check      
Blood Pressure Check      
Contraceptive Injection      
Repeat Pill Check      
Diabetic Tests      
Diabetic Review      
Childhood Immunisations      
Other Injections     B12
Suture & Clip Removal      

If you are booking for an NHS health check then please book with Catherine. 


Other Clinics

Antenatal Clinic Monday 1.30pm-3.30pm
For patients booked at the Royal Free Hospital. Booked in by the midwives only.
Baby and Postnatal Clinic Mostly on Wednesdays, Occasionally on Tuesdays
Blood Clinic Provided by Healthcare Assistant - For less able-bodied patients who have difficulty getting to the Royal Free only. 
Cryotherapy Clinic These clinics are held once a month with Dr Dunlop
Childhood Immunisations   By booked appointment


Health Promotion

Health promotion advice and screening of lifestyle activities such as smoking, diet, exercise, alcohol, blood pressure screening and travel advice are provided by our practice nurses. we have also disease management clinics for Asthma and Diabetes. You can also make an appointment at reception without being referred by the doctor.


Some cryotherapy treatments including treatment of warts, verrucae, skin lesions are performed in the surgery. Your doctor will advise you if your condition is suitable for treatment here and a special appointment will be arranged.

Immunisations/Travel Vaccinations

All vaccinations necessary for travel to other countries are administered by our nurses. Not all vaccinations are covered by the NHS, for certain injections there may be a charge which will need to be paid for at the time of your appointment (WE ACCEPT PAYMENT BY CREDIT AND DEBIT CARD ONLY). Please ask the nurse beforehand whether this applies to you. Even for non-travellers it is important to be protected against Tetanus and polio, please ask the nurse for advice. To assist with your travel consultation it is advisable to visit beforehand for travel/vaccination information. We recommend that you make an appointment 4-6 weeks prior to your departure. For further information including our price list please go to to the Travel Vaccination tab on the right hand side of the website. 

a pregnant woman


The doctors provide antenatal care during normal session times. The midwife from the Royal Free Hospital holds one clinic per week for mothers who have been referred by the Royal Free Hospital.

Cervical Smear

Cancer of the cervix is a preventable condition and all female patients between 25 and 64 years of age are advised to have regular smear tests. A call and recall system is operated to remind you when your test is due.

Family Planning

Contraceptive care is provided by all the doctors and some of the nurses.

Child Health Development and Immunisation

The Health Visitor organises a baby clinic once a week. One of the doctors is available on alternate weeks for child surveillance and development checks. We recommend that all children have had a full course of immunisations. Qualified nurses provide these in special clinics.