Patient Participation Group

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The Patient Participation Group (PPG) meets regularly. If you are interested in becoming a member attending meetings of the PPG please phone or email the PPG chair – see below - with your contact details (name, phone number and email) or leave these details with the reception staff. The chair will talk to you about joining. 

You may wish to join the Email Patient Reference Group (PRG). This will give you:

  • regular information about the Practice and PPG work
  • information about Adelaide open meetings and other local open meetings about health services
  • opportunities to contribute to patient surveys and provide feedback
  • to participate in Adelaide and other local consultation exercises about service developments.

Click on the image to complete the registration form.

How the COVID pandemic has impacted on the work of the PPG

In order to keep everyone safe there was an urgent need to reorganise how Practices worked and consultation was not feasible at the time. The PPG continues to meet regularly via Zoom and notes of these meeting are on the website and circulated to the PRG. The usual annual survey has not been possible but about 400 Adelaide patients contributed the Healthwatch survey on the impact of lockdown. This generated a mass of data which will inform how the Practice can move forward as the pandemic progresses. Two years annual reports are missing but the chair plans to address this with a briefer report before the end of 2020 (Practice workload permitting).  Practice open meetings have been impossible but locally virtual meetings have been used creatively for Camden wide engagement.  On a positive note new technology is opening up creative ways of wider engagement opportunities.  Patient engagement is not dead – just changing.